From February 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023, we organized a project, within the framework of the Partnership for Cooperation in the Field of Youth:

,,Critical thinking workshop as a support and protection tool for young people against the effects of hate speech and fake news."

The project involved young people from Poland, Spain Bulgaria and Hungary, who received support from youth workers on how to consciously handle, process, recognize and read hejt, fake news, populist and radical content, and how to distinguish fact from opinion.



The main goal of the project was to equip youth workers with innovative tools - an e-learning course on critical thinking and scenarios for youth workshops, which increased the quality of their work with young people and their knowledge of how to support young people in handling populist content, hejt, fake news and hate speech.



During the project, 3 international project meetings were held,

which were crucial for the achievement of the set goals and the development of results.

In addition, as part of the implementation of the results, one project meeting was held for youth workers to test the e-learning platform tool produced during the project.



By fostering critical thinking among young people, the project's activities helped build more informed, responsible and open to dialogue citizens.


Below we present the most important results of the project:


E-learning platform:


Project website:

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